Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Live Life Fully

I recently found myself on the couch of a therapist crying about how stressed out I am and how I can't seem to handle my life.  It was a humbling, dark moment that eventually brought about light and understanding.  Somewhere along the road to accomplishing my goals, I lost focus of what really mattered. I had convinced myself that my life was waiting for me to check off items on a to-do list before it could start.  What I didn't realize is that my life was passing me by, it wasn't waiting in the wings to start.  I was missing it!  What shame I felt when I thought back to all the days and hours spent on unimportant matters, stresses and worries.  As a mother to a handsome seven-year-old I felt such guilt in knowing that I am missing this time with him because I am trying to share my focus with so many other things.

A resolve formed...it's time to live my life to it's fullest.  It's time to share my life and experience with my son.  It's time to open his eyes to the possibilities this world has to offer.  It's time to LIVE.  So I'm taking a semester off of school, rearranging my work schedule and promising to LIVE as much as possible.  I sat with my son and came up with some pretty fun activities for the summer months to come.  As we made our list, I thought, "How great would it be to share these ideas with others and see how they choose to live their lives?!"  Thus the invention of this blog.

Everything kicks off Sunday, May 1st as I try to meet a daily challenge.  In order to spend a majority of my time living my life rather than connected to my computer, I will keep my entries brief.  This is where you come in, email me photos from your day and experiences that you have had in living your life.  I will post them to the blog as inspiration to others striving to live their lives fully.  As a Christian living in Utah, I may have challenges that will incorporate God.  I understand that not everyone believes in God or the same God I believe in.  Whatever your faith may be; tailor the challenge to fit your lifestyle.

My hope for this blog is that we find a way to live our lives fully, sharing the inspiring moments that lead us to enlightenment, joy and peace.  

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