Friday, May 13, 2011

Laugh with Allison & Blake

Allison and Blake are two people that can get me laughing so hard I either pee my pants or fall off my chair!  It's true...sad to say, I have a weak bladder and a touch of vertigo.  :)  No, honestly they are just that funny.  Since the goal for the day is to LAUGH, I thought these two would be the perfect interview for the day.

Allison is a student, hairdresser and also works for Stampin' Up.  She is one of my closest friends and I absolutely adore her.  No one knows me quite like Allison does!  She met Blake, a handsome accountant, on a semi blind date; they kind of new each other from when they were younger.  They dated for a little over a year when Blake asked for Allison's hand in marriage.  They got married in September of 2010, so technically they are still honeymooners.  :)  Blake has been an awesome addition to our group of friends and I'm so happy my BFF has found herself such a worthy soulmate.  

Now, they agreed to do this interview under one condition, I name my next child after them.  No, I'm just kidding...they begged to do this interview.  :)

LMLP:  One of the things I love about the two of you, is your goofy, playful humor.  I'm referring to the coconut bra, lady gaga costume and ugly sweater parties.  :)  What funny things does Blake do that makes Allison laugh and vice versa?

Allison: Blake will think of the most random things and just spit them out. It usually catches me totally off guard and then I bust up laughing. Also, Blake will randomly start to dance (with or without music), or start singing. It always puts a smile on my face. 

Blake: Allison loves to people watch.  We'll be walking in an airport, WalMart, or a mall, and Allison will look at a particularly, unfortunate individual and say, "Wow, Sweetheart should really wear a bra," or "oh how cute--I haven't seen shamrock pajamas...glad she just woke up and headed out shopping!" It always makes me laugh...

LMLP:  You guys have been to Greece, Mexico and Hawaii together.  How does travel and seeing new places help you fully live your lives?

Allison: We both love to travel. I am so glad that Blake and I have that in common. Vacations are always something we have on the agenda… and it gives us something to look forward to. I am pretty sure that Blake and I will always be traveling…. Even after we have a family. With or without kiddos… we will be traveling.

Blake: We've also been to Texas together--that's like another country!   :-)   I'm positive we'll continue to travel (although when some destinations come up in conversation, Allison does frequently say, "We better go there before the babies come") We have a long list of places we'd like to see--just checking them off one at a time.  For us, travel is a big part of living life to the fullest.  There is so much in the world to see and experience, it's probably a good idea to venture a little farther than Rose Park, Grantsville, Mona, or Lehi... 

LMLP:  Allison, you spent some time in Japan (or was it China).  What was that like and how did it affect your view on your own life?

Allison: It was China. It was a LONG two weeks… that’s for sure! Well, the trip was an adventure. As for the whole China experience, it was hard to see. It made my heart break seeing the factory workers. They live at the factories and never see their family. They work and then send the money home so their families can survive. China was so dirty…. And the air was so polluted.  It made me SO grateful for where I live and work.  I didn’t think it was that possible to miss Blake so much! We had only been married for 1-1/2 months and then I left for two weeks. One week wasn’t bad, but the second week sucked. I missed him so much! I couldn’t talk to him on the phone… so we only talked through email. It was rough…. 

Blake: Several people asked me how I'd get along with Allison in China.  It hadn't been that long since I'd been a bachelor--I could certainly fend for myself.  What I didn't realize is how much I'd miss her.  That is the longest we'd gone without seeing each other since our first date! Although it was a long separation, I think it was a useful experience--it reinforced how much I like being with her even if we're doing something as simple as watching Biggest Loser or doing accounting homework.

LMLP: As newlyweds what are some things you guys like to do to build memories and experiences?

Allison: We love to travel and just hang out. We also spend quite a bit of time with our families (Sunday dinners, holidays, just random drop in visits). And to remember the memories… I ALWAYS have my camera handy! ;) Except for Hawaii… when it got stolen. Douche bags! 

Blake: We've mentioned traveling quite a bit.  Beyond that, we do try to spend time with family and friends.  Frequently, newlyweds are accused of separating themselves and forgetting about others.  We make efforts to accept invitations from friends, attend parties, have people over to our house, show up at family events, etc.  I think memories are built by seeing each other in different situations and having varied experiences.  Plus, we just like to have fun!

LMLP:  You both have wonderful families.  Any family traditions you hope to carry over to your own family?

Allison: The Easter Bunny WILL come and hide the Easter basket. Blake didn’t want me to play Easter Bunny this year. Jerk. So the Easter bunny didn’t hide any Easter baskets this year. Guess we will have to wait until we have kiddies. 

Blake:  In Blake's defense, we started a little 2011 health initiative.  In trying to eat healthy, I thought that an Easter basket with broccoli and celery would be kinda lame (although, we could make a holiday exception for chocolate--my bad!!! I'll do better next year!)  My family had a tradition of family vacations, I'd like to carry that on in our little family.  My dad always said, "What will your kids remember the most, the remodeled bathroom or the trip you took to _____" Obviously, everything in moderation, but I think spending time together is important (and can be a lot of fun!)
**Pictures were taken from Allison and Blake's blog.

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