Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4 - Happy 4th

I have another great, guest post here for you all from Megan Weems, writer of!   Megs is an excellent esthetician, talented singer and my creative soulmate.  I hope you enjoy her post and be sure to leave her some comments of appreciation!


It’s finally here!
Happy 4th of July!

I know many of you have been looking forward to this day since, well, last Independence Day! I know in my circle, the 4th represents everything wonderful about the summer:

We make good on our plans to relax with those we love;

We barbecue and play games;

We don our swimsuits and splash around in the water;

Sit curbside at city parades,

& we soak ourselves with bug repellent before stretching out under brilliant
firework displays.

Growing up, July 4th wasn’t at the top of my list of favorite holidays. Christmas came in first, Santa Claus second, and all things jingle bells third- are you catching a theme? There were many years, however, that I had a blast celebrating our nation’s independence, and one of those was when I was about five years old…

My family and I were in Washington State visiting our extended family, and everyone got together on my uncle’s land for a barbecue and fireworks show. What I didn’t know was fireworks “show” actually meant fireworks WAR.  In the middle of slathering my hotdog with mustard, my uncles (who were full grown men, 30 years +) began running around with lit Roman Candles in-hand, shooting at each other from behind wheelbarrows! I can remember climbing onto my aunt’s lap and giggling when my uncles got hit and yelped like schoolboys. Obviously this is not what the manufacturer intended, nor should you try it at home, but it sure made for a memorable 4th!

*If you’re curious to see what a Roman Candle war looks like, watch this and try not think of wizards:

Now that I’m an adult, Independence Day has grown to be a favorite holiday of mine. I think about the freedoms I have as an American, let alone as an American woman, and I am humbled. I love how July 4th brings our nation together, our communities celebrating from east to west. I’ve come to associate this day with being grateful; that it’s a day to extend thanks to our service men and women- fellow citizens who have dedicated their lives to protecting what our forefathers established in the Declaration of Independence.

Most of all, the 4th of July is a reminder of our greatest blessing: freedom. And that, my fellow LiveMLP family, is what I believe is at the foundation of this project: the freedom to go after the experiences that make us feel alive! So let’s take full advantage of it!

Happy Birthday, America!

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