Thursday, July 14, 2011

June 14 - Bastille Day

Happy Bastille Day or French National Day!  I learned that the French celebrate the storming of the Bastille (a fortress prison) every year on the 14th of July and have been doing so since 1790.  You can read more about this day by clicking here!

The day is celebrated with parades, horsemen, fireworks and the President's garden party.  Prior to President Sarkozy, it was the one day that the President could pardon criminals for petty crimes.  I bet the criminals are booing Sarkozy.  Haha!

I've heard several times that the French don't like Americans, but I really think they would LOVE me.  I would appreciate their art, their food, their architecture, their language and well...they would love me and my cute French accent!  So I say, to the French, Happy La Fête Nationale!  I will be celebrating with French Bread, French Fries and I may even watch the movie French Kiss!

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