Thursday, April 28, 2011

3 More Days

We've got about three more days before our project kicks off.  I'm so excited about the feedback I've been getting from all of you, thank you for having my back and being willing to help the blog out.  Some ways you can help us get ready:
  • Spread the Word!  Let your friends and family know about the blog.
  • Follow us on Twitter!
  • Look over the upcoming challenges and start planning ways you can participate.
  • Email us with your ideas for future challenges!
Some of the things we're working on for you:
  • Awesome interviews with people who inspire us to LIVE.
  • Blog Give-Aways for certain challenges.  (Oh yeah, I heard that fun squeal of excitement!)
  • Challenge-Get-Togethers for those of you who live in Utah.
Yay, excitement is definitely in the air!  Three days left!

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