Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 16 - Simplify Your Closet

Alright, alright, alright...don't go crazy.  I'm just saying take a look at your closet.  Is there something that you haven't worn for a while?  Is there something that you keep telling yourself needs to go to the cleaners?  Maybe to the tailors?  Maybe you have an outfit you hope will one day fit?  A pair of worn out shoes, perhaps?  Okay, now that you have identified that something with it!  Throw it away, take it to the cleaners or the tailors, donate it to the goodwill.  I promise it'll feel so good!  One less thing cluttering up your life...gone!

Good luck today and let us know what you ended up doing!  I can tell you right now, I have three or four shirts hanging up in the closet that have stains I haven't been able to get rid of...they are going away today!

This is NOT my closet, it actually gives me a slight panic attack.  This picture was taken from flickr; key words...messy closet.


  1. Will be participating in this challenge today. If you're lucky I'll send you some before and after photos.

  2. I found so many things I want to get rid of that we decided to have a garage sale on Saturday!