Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 20 - Create & Giveaway

I'm so excited about today's challenge.  I thought about the first time I sat down to color with my son.  It had been years since I last colored anything, perhaps in junior high.  I forgot what it felt like to choose your colors, stay within the lines (or not) and simply create.  It was so fun and the moment became a bonding one for us.

So for today's challenge, spend time creating something and expressing yourself through that creation.  To help get your juices flowing, I'd like to introduce you to Lee!  She is the blog writer of *A Blissful Whirl*, the stylist behind some of the Maddie E photo shoots that I love and a hula hoop artist (Which we will get to soon)!  I sent off a few questions to Lee, in the hopes that I would find inspiration for this Project and boy did she deliver!!!  Here are those questions...

LMLP:  You mentioned that you have been trying to live your life to its fullest all year, what made you decide that it was time for you to do this?

Lee:  At the New Year, I began to think about all the things I wanted and dreamed of.  It came down to authenticity, being the person I've always wanted to be.  Being true to who I am brings me happiness.  I knew it was going to take making some changes and working hard to get there.  For so long I've let fears hold me back and realized I have to do it for myself.

LMLP:  Since actively trying to do this, what moment stands out as the most rewarding?

Lee:  I can't say at this point there has been a specific moment.  It's noticing that I am happier, calmer, more centered and balanced.  I like to see that little changes can add up to a big difference and gets me closer to my goals.

LMLP:  I know how much you love music, do you have a theme song or a soundtrack for your life?  A go to song when things get rough?

Lee:  Music feeds my soul.  It's such an outlet for me :).  I am not a huge country fan, but I think one of the songs that constantly reminds me of what's important is "I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack; Don't settle.  Take chances.  Be full of wonder and curiosity.  Be grateful.  It's ok to make mistakes.  Don't let fears and past experiences hold you back from happiness now.  Be in the moment.

LMLP:  The challenge for today is to find a creative outlet for self-expression.  You are one of the most creative people I know, what are some outlets you use to express yourself?

Lee:  Without a doubt, hula hooping.  Hoop dancing has transformed me in ways I never imagined.  It has helped me become more confident and daring.  Being inside the hoop is meditative and expressive!  I can work through a lot of the negativity in my head and come to more positive affirmations and goals on a daily basis.  I work with Maddie Thomas of Maddie Thomas Photography doing stylings for couple and lifestyle shoots.  I love helping clients create a fun way to capture meaningful moments of their lives.  Also, I write out thoughts and doodles for my life in a notebook I always keep with me.  I have a box filled with notebooks of ideas, rants, musings and lists.  Helps me to get it all out and organized!

LMLP:  How important is it for you to find time each day to create?  What are you working on right now?

Lee:  It's very important.  I don't feel complete unless I have some kind of a project going on!  Or two.  Or three :).  A painting, trying to knit (again for the umptenth time), taking pictures, baking or cooking something delicious, trying a new dance move, or making random accessories and trinkets.  Right now I am focused on custom hula hoops and paper mobiles.  I hope to open an Etsy shop of fun goodies soon!

How GREAT were those answers?  Lee was kind enough to make my son and I custom hula hoops, on top of which she took a few minutes out of her day to give us a quick tutorial and demonstration.  AMAZING!!  It was so fun to practice along side her and watch her amazing tricks.  My son even said, "Wow you could be in a circus."  Lee responded that she plans to learn and master the trapeze next.  So inspiring.

Lee is also offering one of her custom hula hoops to you!!  HOW FABULOUS!!!  Simply follow the steps below to enter!  And good luck!!

  1. Leave a comment on this post.  In your comment mention one of your own creative outlets and also, what color/s you would like your hula hoop to be.
  2. Spread the word about the Live My Life Project through a blog post, facebook post or a tweet!  It's totally up to you!  Don't forget to mention today's challenge and Lee's giveaway.  :)
  3. You have till Sunday night at midnight.  The winner will be announced Monday afternoon at noon!
  4. Remember that the comments have to be approved, so if you don't see your comment don't worry. It will be approved shortly.  :)

Have fun today!  And thank you to Lee for her time and gift!!


  1. Love, love, love this blog! You two are amazing! I'm not at all creative and wish I had an ounce to be...I think its a great way to relieve stress and find what you love. Oh and I love red! :)

  2. Lee is the best!! I already have a custom made hoop from her..and i LOVE it. but i just had to comment and say that i love this post and Lee is one of my bestest friends. she is always inspring me to find ways to be more creative... I love her!

  3. I love lee :) And your blog as well! I use photography as a creative outlet, and I have my lovely Lee to help me, she does so much!
    I posted this to facebook! Fingers crossed!

  4. This was so informative to read and it is great to discover new artists. I am old school with crochet and quilt projects and am always working on about 2-3 at a time. I posted this on facebook and I have come to love purple.

  5. I'm loving these interviews- they just keep getting better and better! And I want to be friends with Lee like everyone else, LOL! I love creative/positive people. :)

    I keep my creative juices flowing by doing photography and by singing and writing music. I love purple and blue!