Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 31 - Write a Letter to Your Future Self & A Giveaway

There are times when I wish I could go back to my younger self and just have a pep talk with her.  I would tell her that boys will be boys and that her heart will eventually heal.  I would explain the importance of being financially responsible and avoiding those dang credit cards.  I would urge her to take care of her health, eat right and exercise.  I would let her know that amazing things are in her future, so don't spend too much time stressing over what's to come and to go have FUN instead.

However, since we can't go back in time, we can still in some way talk to our future self.  So at some point today, sit down and write a letter to your future self.  Maybe it's a letter of encouragement...something to open when things get tough.  Maybe it's a letter full of dreams...something to open when things get dull.  Maybe it's a letter of accomplishment...something to open when things don't pan out.  Whatever the premise of the letter, make sure it has a purpose and will be inspirational to that future self.  :)

Being the last day of the May challenges, I have a fun giveaway for you.  First off, thank you to everyone who have shared with me their love and support.  I'm humbled by it.  Second, stick with us for another month...we've got fun challenges coming up in June!

Okay for the giveaway, I'm giving one of you a lovely leather bound journal from Flamboyan Handmade.

They are so pretty!  And I hope to send this to one of you soon.  Simply follow the instructions below...
  • Leave a comment and share with us your favorite challenge from the month of May.
  • Spread the word and let all your friends know about the Live My Life Project, by tweeting about us (@LiveMLP), commenting about us on facebook, or posting a blogpost about us.
  • You have till Thursday at midnight to complete these two simple steps!  The winner will be announced Friday morning.  Good luck!!!


  1. I've just started following so I don't know the challenges from May but I love the site and the core values!!

  2. Firt, I love your site. I would pick the last challenge. If I could have wrote to myself about the future I would have been able to relax so much more knowing that each thing that came up would not be the end of the world.

  3. Alright so the dance challenge was my FAV! I love jammin out while i clean the house. I made the extra effort that day to dance while, cleaning, driving, work and even the store when nobody was watching.

  4. I loved the dance party challenge too! However, I think my MOST fave was movie night-- Bradley Cooper, hello!

    Also, I love this blog, Ela! Thanks for coming up with all of these great challenges and giveaways!

    Here is the blog post I created in honor of the LiveMLP: http://bit.ly/j15hDA

  5. I just started following around day 25 or so, so I don't have as many challenges that I've participated in. I did go back and read them all, though, and I combined a few old ones into one day. I did the limit media challenge, which I thought was one of the hardest ones. I am a TV junky! I have the tv on in the morning while I get ready, in the evening while I make dinner, and then leave it on pretty much until I go to bed, whether or not I'm actually watching it. The day I limited media, I actually ended up finishing a book I've been trying to get through for a few months! I'm really looking forward to getting to participate daily going forward (instead of trying to make up past challenges).

    I'm not a big tweeter or facebooker, but I did spread the word via e-mail to some friends to make sure they follow your blog.

  6. I'm new to your blog and LOVE it! My favorite May challenge was the create one. As an avid sewer I always feel happiest while making something handmade.

    I tweeted about it here! http://twitter.com/#!/amorby/status/76417589970092033