Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pedicures with Olivia

I met Olivia six or seven years ago when we became roommates at a house in Lehi.  I won't lie, she intimidated me right at first.  As I got to know her though, I came to find a woman full of integrity, sass and class.  She is one of my dearest friends!  I have so much love and respect for her, I thought it only appropriate that I interview her for the Live My Life Project.

Olivia and myself in Hawai, April 2010.

We met up for pedicures today at the LOVELY Juicy Nails in the Riverwoods Shopping Center and stopped to chat about how she lives her life to its fullest and what she is looking forward to.

LMLP:  So the blog is all about living life to it's fullest as well as making memories.  And it all stems from a low point in my life in which I let everything get me down.  Rather than deal with those things I chose to hide away from them, so the blog is away to remind myself to live.  So my question to you is, what are some things you do to live your life to its fullest?

Olivia:  Haha, that's a deep question.

LMLP:  It is a deep question.

Olivia:  What do I do..hmm...cause there are those down times and I think that when I've had those down times I have to smack myself in the face.  Literally!  And say stop it!  Because I always remind myself of what I have and that there will always be someone who has it worse off than me.   It really, quickly humbles me to the fact that I am a spoiled brat.  Haha.  Just because I didn't get what I wanted or just because a boy didn't like know what I mean?  I have to say, one of the things I do is I talk myself out of things or talk myself into things.  Because I'm my only coach!  I'm the only person that can control the path I go.  So I get myself out of that down time, because it is so easy to be the victim.  But if you can wake yourself get to enjoy life.  Even the tiny little things like sitting here and enjoying this weather!

LMLP:  I wanted to ask you a couple of questions about your struggle to get pregnant, are you okay with that?

Olivia:  Yeah.

LMLP:  Okay, I remember a time when you said that you couldn't control whether or not you got pregnant but you could control some other things in your life.  What were some of those other things?

Olivia:  That goes back to when the test results came in and they said that I was the problem.  And I remember it took me about three days of crying.  I would cry myself to sleep, because I was so upset.  What did I do to deserve this?  And it goes back to the first question.  I had to say, 'Olivia this is something that you have to go through and see if you can try to fix it.'  Instead of dwelling on the problem, find the solution.  I kept thinking there's got to be another way.  So I tried acupuncture.  I also had to keep myself busy.  So while I was trying not to pay attention to the results, I was working out, making new dinners for my spouse and keeping myself busy so that I didn't sit and feel depressed.  So I don't know if it's for everybody, but keeping myself busy really got me out of my slump.  And people will have longer slumps or shorter slumps than I did, but for me it took me three days before I slapped myself and reminded myself that I have a husband and things to do.  So keep doing what you're doing and it'll happen.

LMLP:  Awesome, awesome!  So you did do the acupuncture, what was that like?  I mean, it WORKED!  You are pregnant now!

Olivia:  It was awesome!  I loved it!

LMLP:  But what made you think acupuncture?  After all the tests...

Olivia:  I don't know, that was like God!  It came to me as one of those ideas.  I'd heard that, that was something you could do.  But, you don't know if it's going to work or not.  But what's $30 compared to $15,000 (for invetro).  If anything, there is no negative towards acupuncture, if anything it relaxed me.  It de-stressed me and when I would come home I felt so good.  I could totally pass out.  So I felt if anything, it may not work for everyone but it totally de-stresses you...which stress can cause infertility.  I loved it.

LMLP:  As you look towards the future and think about becoming a mom, what are some of the thoughts running through your head?

Olivia:  Oh man!  Actually, oh shit!  Haha.  Oh, a lot.  Right now it's prepping for the baby but once he comes I feel so sorry for him.  Because I'm going to have something for him to learn every day.  Whether it's language, or cooking, or its drawing or simple things...I mean of course it's going to start simple with crawling and eating.  But I'm just excited for that future where I'm raising a child in this society.  Making him the best I can.  I'm not going to be lazy about it either.  It's a 24/7 job, it's a dedication...that's how I feel about being a mother.  You never give up, you've got to be on them.

LMLP:  On them!  Oh yeah!

Olivia:  Haha!

LMLP:  Well, today's challenge was getting a manicure or pedicure.  But the purpose behind it was...  As a mom, I don't take enough time out for myself.  So I'm hoping the challenge encourages people, woman especially, to send the kids off with a friend and take some time to care for themselves.  And as long as I have known you, you have always had the most fabulous nails with the most fabulous colors on them.  I mean, what's the motivation for you to always keep your nails done and take that time out for yourself.

Olivia:  Because, I know that it's something that woman need.  You need a "time out" from your kids, just like your kids need a "time out" from you.  That is your time to do what you want to do.  So if you want to get your hair done, or get your nails painted, go shopping, read a book or get a massage...DO IT!  I'm all about that!  When you look at your kids, you see them looking up to you.  Why do they look up to you?  Because you're their center of the universe and if you're disorganized and dirty...if you don't show them that you give yourself time, they're not going to give themselves time.  It should be important to look nice and be clean.  Not that you have to go out and wear name brands, just look decent.

*Pictures from Olivia's Nail Polish blog.

LMLP:  I love that!  Okay, I have some lightning round questions!  Favorite nail polish brand...

Olivia:  Chanel!

LMLP:  Favorite vacation spot...

Olivia:  I'll say Hawaii, cause we go there all the time.

LMLP:  Favorite drink...

Olivia:  Because I'm pregnant...a cherry limeade from Sonic!  When I'm not pregnant or breastfeeding...a Dr. Pepper!  Oh and an RC COLA.  Haha, sorry I gotta represent the 80's!

LMLP:  Favorite movie...

Olivia:  The newer version of Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightly.

LMLP:  Anthem song...

Olivia:  What!!  Well, what's your anthem song?

LMLP:  Umbrella by Rihanna!  Haha!

Olivia:  An anthem song, I've never even thought about that.  Okay, umm... Viva La Vida by Coldplay!

LMLP:  Nice one!  Okay, favorite dessert.

Olivia:  Just one?  Right now...Red Mango.  But that's just a gateway to everything else.

LMLP:  Best celebrity sighting...

Olivia:  Seeing Boone from LOST.  He's so cute!  He's in the Vampire Diaries now.

Oh my gosh, isn't she the cutest!  Thank you Olivia for spending some time with me today!


  1. Ela! That was so much fun! I think I should come up with a few questions so it can be on your blog!

  2. What a great interview! And congratulations on your pregnancy, Olivia!

  3. Congrats Liv! What a great interview. I think it's great you tried acupuncture. It's something I've always wanted to try :)