Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 15 - Can You Get to That

This song suggestion comes from my friend Grady!  Are you guys ready for some FUNK?!?!  Well, here you go...The Funkadelics...

So this song has a lot of lyrics that have to do with being financially irresponsible.  "When you base your love on credit...later come back signed "insufficient funds"".  It's so perfect for a challenge!  Are you a frugal person, do you spend money like tomorrow will be the apocolypse, do you need to take a minute and figure your budget?  Well, take an hour or two today and take care of it, get to a point of financial relaxation.  Financial stress, a lot of times, comes from a place of ignorance...not knowing when bills are due, or even what bills you have.  So sit down, write it all out and then relax knowing it's all organized.

All the good times we used to have
But you were making preparations
For the coming separation
And you blew everything we had
When you base your love on credit
And your loving days are done
Checks you signed with a-love and kisses
Later come back signed "insufficient funds"
Yeah, get to that!

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