Monday, June 6, 2011

Late Post for June 6th

I'm so sad I didn't post something sooner.  Today was going to be such a fun challenge.  I was going to tell a story about the time I tried to say Hello to everyone I passed on the street & subway in New York, but I ended up stopping when this crazy asked me to marry him.  HAHAHA!!  Anyways, I love this Beatles song and I would LOVE to hear your stories if you participated in today's challenge.

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  1. Hey Ela! Love this post! I love the Beatles! I sing Beatles songs to the baby all the time because those are the only songs I know by memory! As for saying 'hello' to people, I normally smile but I get a lot of rejections cause the west is way different from the midwest. People will smile back at you in Illinois. But here in Utah I notice people clutching their purses or looking the other way! Its okay though-its all good!