Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 31 - Live My Life Day

There is something special that happens when one decides that their life is worth living FULLY.  When one decides that their life is more than simply working towards goals or accumulating wealth.  When we decide to truly live, to create lasting memories, to forgive past wrongs, to serve our fellow man, we find joy!

This project has so much more to teach me; YOU all have so much more to teach me.  I have loved all that this project represents.  I still struggle some days to remember what is most important in this life.  I instead let inconsequential things get me down.  But so much less now, than ever before.

So today, celebrate what makes you happy. 

Celebrate your life!  

Celebrate the ones who love you!  

Be content with who you are; quirks and all!




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  1. This was a beautiful post especially knowing what you have been through this summer. You are amazing.!