Friday, June 17, 2011

June 17 - Beatbox

This song suggestion comes from Lorien!  It's from a band called The Sounds and the song is all about the awesomeness of the beatbox.  Which, in my opinion, is one of the quintessential symbols of the 80's, is 80's day!  Woo!  Pull out the leg warmers, shirt belts, fingerless gloves, jelly shoes, side ponytails, track suits and mismatched tube socks; because today we are celebrating all things 80's.

Today, we are also having a giveaway!  Leave a comment and tell us what your favorite 80's symbol was; maybe it was a movie, artist, tv show, or fashion piece!  One of today's comments will receive a digital download of The Sounds newest album, Something to Die For.  This is only a one day giveaway, so comments must be in by midnight tonight.  Today's winner will also be entered in to the BIG end of the month contest!  So good luck!


  1. Yay Ela! Thanks posting one of my favorite of my favorite things to wear as a kid (in the 80's) were the pop it bracelets and necklaces, neon plastic beads you "popped" together to form jewelry... So luxurious!

  2. Love it! I totally got a pedicure today and chose the raddest bright color- all in the name of the LMLP!